Wild Pond

Adoptions and Sponsorships

Our goal is to find forever homes, not just right now homes.  

When you sponsor or adopt a horse from us you become apart of their recovery.

Through sponsorship you will get monthly updates and 2 free trail rides a year.

Our adoption process is just that, a process.  If you are intrested in adoption please reach out to us.


Phoenix Available for adoption

17 year old Arabian Quarter Horse

Phoenix is a sweet gentle gelding who gets along with anyone and is eager to please.  He's good with kids and will stand for hours to be groomed.  Phoenix's heavy riding days are behind him, but that doesn't get him down.  He would make a great companion horse or light rider.

Ari  Available for adoption

21 year old Saddle Bred

Ari is a very large saddle bred gelding.  We call him our gentle giant standing just under 17 hands.  He has spent many years as a trail horse and still has the get up and go.  Ari is only available to intermediate and advanced riders.


Apollo Available for sponsorship

8 year old BLM Mustang

Apollo is a horse with allot of feelings and a very big personality.  He has ridden across mountain ranges, herded cattle, and even likes to take kids for rides as long as he is with someone he trusts.  Apollo is still working through past traumas and is not yet ready for home.  You could sponsor Apollos continued recovery.

Abby  Available for sponsorship.

35 year old BLM Mustang

This sweet old lady used to run wild in the mountains of Colorado.  Once entering the human world her life became rough with years of neglect.  Abby is now living out her days in sanctuary at our rescue.  Abby's favorite part of the day is when our daughter goes out to brush and love on her.  Abby is currently looking for an angle sponsor to support her care and retirement.

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